12 Things About Dogs That You Didn’t Know


12 Things About Dogs That You Didn’t Know

Other than the things that you have definitely know about dogs such as a great sense of smell, loyal, intelligence, there are probably other things about dogs that you didn’t know. Dogs likewise own some secrets and facts that not anyone knows which will make you surprise.

1. Dogs can recognize human faces

Dogs can search for characteristic of the opposite human and take in their emotions. Researchers have studied for quite a long time about how dogs and human interact with each other.

Dogs recognize human face

In fact, latest studies have speculated that dogs can understand the smile on the human’s opposite faces, which is expected to happen because a smile is synonymous with positive things such as an award or cuddle.

2. Dogs are affected by second hand smoke

Yes, not just your kids or people around you but even dogs are affected by the second hand cigarette smoke, which has been the major cause of lung cancer and nasal diseases of dogs. So do your puffing sessions on a smoking area away from your dogs.

Dogs affected by smoke

3. Dogs can smell diseases

We all know that dogs have a great sense of smell but one extraordinary feeling that is hard to believe, dog’s can smell the human’s cancer cells. A recent study demonstrated that a dog with less training can smell the forms of lung and breast cancer. Similar studies indicated that dogs can detect cancers with accuracy rate of 88 – 97%.

Dogs can smell diseases

4. Dogs can feel jealous

If there are unfair treatment happens of fellow-creatures and human, dogs can sense it. Dogs can obtain human’s feelings and emotions, so they therefore can feel jealousy. Researchers made an experiment between two dogs with regard to this thing. When returning to home from work, if the owner will cuddle the first dog and other dog is neglected, the other dog shows sadness on his face that he feels being not cared.

Dog feels jealous

5. Dogs often walk around before lying down

If you didn’t notice, your dog will usually walk around in circles before lying down on its favorite sleeping position. This behavior is related to evolutionary history of dogs when they need to set up their sleeping places and dozing spots on grass or in the ground. In spite of the fact that their wild practices are practically gone, but they still keep up this instinctive activity.

Dog lying down

6. Dogs have strong solid jaws

This thing somehow relies on upon the breed of dog but normally a dog’s jaw could make a pressure about 150 – 400 pounds. The bigger the looks of the dog, the stronger the jaw is. A Mastiff breed can create a pressure up to 552 pounds, while a lion can create up to 600 pounds.

Dog's jaw

7. Dogs are the only animal with various appearances

Throughout the centuries, dog’s are the existing mammals with most various types. As can be seen, they have a variety of appearances, from big look breeds to small ones, from fuzzy hair breeds to smooth ones. Every breed has its own unique qualities.

Dogs with different breeds

8. Dogs maybe hurt during thunderstorms

Though not all the time, dogs are afraid of thunder because of its boisterous scary sound and they have very sensitive ears. However, there are other numerous factors that could cause reactions to dogs. During thunderstorms, pressure often changes dramatically. So the dog’s sensitive ears may be hurt on a heavy storm. The most ideal way is that you should be mindful of the situation and make sure that your dog feels comfortable as possible as you can.

Dog afraid of thunderstorm

9. Dogs’ body temperature is much higher than human’s

The normal body temperature of a human is only 37 degrees Celsius, if it exceeds 37 degrees it means you have a fever.  However, a healthy dog’s body temperature is about 38 to 39 degrees Celsius.  So don’t freak out when you feel your dog’s temperature is at that level. However, if it’s higher than 39 degrees, you should pay attention and better see your dog’s vet.

Dog's body temperature is higher

10. Dogs are not color blind

Dogs have their unique way of seeing the world, what you might heard that dogs can only see black and white colors is just a myth. Researchers have confirmed that dogs do actually see fewer colors than normal humans do. Dogs would see violet as dark blue, blue as light blue, blue-green as gray, green as light yellow, yellow as darker yellow (sort of brown), and orange and red as very dark gray. Dogs can look well in lowlight conditions and understand the smallest images. A blind dog literally cannot see any colors at all. Spectrum looks of dog vs human.

Dogs not color blind

11. Dogs nose are like fingerprints

Though there are similar looks between two people’s fingerprint but there are never have the same identical fingerprints. Just like dog’s noseprints, they are unique. Nevertheless, dog’s noseprints has not been widely used to identify them as the way people used their fingerprints to identify themselves.

Dog's noseprint

12. Dogs sometimes have six toes

Normally, a dog only has 5 toes on a foot. However,  a Norwegian Lundehund dog,  one of the rarest dog breed in the world, a small type of Spitz originates from Norway that has six toes on each foot.

Dog with six toes

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