21 Stunning Photos of Adorable Animal Photographers Wannabe


21 Stunning Photos of Adorable Animal Photographers Wannabe

Stunning photos of animals, video of breath taking animal encounters in the wild, photographers taking pictures of wildlife, these are just the common scenarios we often see on National Geographic or Animal Planet channels. But what about animals using a camera and taking pictures themselves?

It’s likely uncommon for wild animals to go near the cameras while it’s being pointed at them and some of these curious animals even get behind the camera themselves. Below are the stunning photographs of adorable animal photographers showing their expertise using the camera.


Fox watch the camera want to help

Fox standing as cameraman

Fox rolling a camera

Fox close up on camera

Fox captured as close up on camera


Beaver photographer amazed on what he captured on camera


Curious cheetah wants to be a photographer


Monkey using dslr camera

Monkey looks like a photographer using the camera

Troop of monkeys checking out what's inside the camera

Red face monkey as cameraman in the wild

Orangutan checking out what was captured on camera


Meerkat trying to capture other meerkat

Meerkat standing on top of the camera


Koala using camera in the zoo


Puppy and Deer

Dog deer try to help photorapher


Mice zooming in using sony dslr camera


Bear checking what was captured on camera

Panda Bear

Panda bear as professional photorapher

Emperor Penguin

Waddle of emperor penguin curious on camera

Red Squirrel

Red squirrel capturing another squirrel

Red squirrel in camera checking a subject

Red squirrel taking a rest on macro lens

Indian Palm Squirrel

Indian palm squirrel on dslr camera


Fierce cat photographer on nikon dslr camera

Cat on minolta dslr camera

Cute cat on canon dslr camera

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