The Story Behind Of A Brilliant Dog Hitching A Ride On A Jeepney Instead Of Walking


The Story Behind Of A Brilliant Dog Hitching A Ride On A Jeepney Instead Of Walking

This is the story behind of a brilliant dog who took a passenger jeepney on his way somewhere instead of walking. The picture below was taken from a Facebook user named Mary Jane Cinco. Mary Jane shares that she was in the jeepney, when it stopped at the station a dog suddenly came in and sat in the entryway.

Brilliant Dog

Brilliant dog hitching a ride on a jeepney

Mary Jane said that she was amazed by the dog because he is smart enough to take a ride instead of walking and he moves sideward when a passenger would come on or off.

However, another Facebook user named Marian Nathalie Grace claimed that she is the owner of the dog she named Third. Third was her 9-year old half Japanese Spitz dog lost 3 years ago. Marian posted on her Facebook account way back January 2012, that she keeps looking for Third and even sent fliers to the neighborhood just to get her dog back.

Third the dog

Lost Dog Name Third

Marian Nathatlie Grace Post

Marian’s post has no update since then until she saw on one of her friend’s shared “When in Manila”’s photo that went viral on Facebook. She immediately asks for help if where the dog is currently located. Full story of Marian here.

A concerned netizen has a lead now if where the dog is located with some help through another Facebook user. The alleged lost dog is yet to be found up to this writing. We tried to get an update from Marian but we got no response so far.

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