Adorable Dog Cries After Puppies Being Rescued


Adorable Dog Cries After Puppies Being Rescued

If you think only human cries, well, think twice. It turns out that people aren’t the only beings to get a bit weepy when things turn emotional. Especially to a mother when it comes to the safety of her children. This dog starts crying after her puppies were rescued. Yes, dog cries. The dog feels she’s somewhat relieved that only a mother possibly can. Though it’s not exactly clear what does the rescuer entails, the mother’s tears of joy might just be the adorable things you will possibly see. However, some people do not agree that dog cries. One grump commented that dog can’t cry due to a condition called “epiphora”. While another Youtube user added that if the dog has fluid coming out from its eyes it doesn’t mean it’s crying but something maybe wrong not because the animal is conquered with emotion.

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