Why Your Dog Paws Smells Like Fritos


Why Your Dog Paws Smells Like Fritos

Paws are used to be a trademark for dogs. Like the human foot, paws have purpose. Technically, your dog’s paws are designed naturally to protect your dog’s leg bones and joints from the impact of walking, running and jumping. However, there are instances that your dog paws smells like fritos or also known as Frito Feet.

Commonly, bad smells indicates a problem or disease process, but not all the time. So what would be the possible cause if you noticed that your dog’s feet has an odor, or often describes as smelling like corn chips, nuts or popcorn?

Clinically, the cause of odor is bacteria and fungi living on the skin of your pet, these include dogs and cats in general. Feet, being what they are, on the ground, strolling, walking in stuff, and sometimes licked by your dog’s tongue (that contains additional micro organisms), which has more odor than the rest of the body.

There are numerous possible conditions of a dog that could cause a foul odor to their feet. The following are the causes of the bad odor but not limited to:

  • Bacterial or Fungal infection (overgrowth of normal pathologic micro organisms that causes a disease)
  • Grass awn or other foreign organisms that causes an irritation or abscess
  • Skin tumor or lick sore that becomes infected
  • Toe nail injury or nail bed infection

So what are the signs that your dog experiencing any of the above conditions?

  • Lumps, bumps, swellings between or on toes.
  • Cracked, flaky or broken toenails.
  • Crusty, flaky, dried up skin or foot pads.
  • Moistness or drainage (from skin surface or from wound).
  • Redness, licking, hair loss.
  • Limping or change in gait.

If any of the above signs are noticed, please have your dog check in your vet to rule out something more serious than Frito Feet.

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