Dog Senses That You Probably Didn’t Know Yet


Dog Senses That You Probably Didn’t Know Yet

Throughout many generations passed by, dogs have set of senses that were uniquely developed to help their ancestors survive before today’s dogs became domesticated dogs. Best example is dog’s sense of smell that is so profound that you won’t be able understand its depths. With their powerful sense of smell, they can snoots to scent game, can detect territorial odors other dogs or animals laid down, and can even sense emotional states of the other dogs or animals. Have you ever heard “smell of fear”? Yes, smell of fear is true. Dogs with their keen sense of smell can pick it up easily.

Another sense dogs were very useful on their daily struggles in wild is their sense of sight, they have a well-developed sense of sight designed to allow them to spot even the smallest movement of prey. If you bring your dog in a yard with trees, they might able to see a squirrel dart among the trees from a distance of 200 yards when your naked eye can barely see the leaves.

Next, is sense of hearing, dogs have very sharp hearing that made them to hear faint sounds from far distant places and making possible for your dog to inform you the arrival of the postman long before he steps on your property. However, dogs naturally have weak sense of taste, if you noticed dogs will eat things that other animals would turn up their noses at. So when you’re walking with your dog, don’t be surprised when your dog inhales some cigarette butts or disgusting items around.

And the most important among all the dog senses they care much is their discerning sense of touch that every dog possess. Unlike other species who really couldn’t care less if a human pats them on the head or tickles their belly, only dogs understand human’s gentle and loving touch and will always seek it  from their human friends. Moreover, dogs can understand malicious and hurtful forms of touch and will likely avoid it.

It is important for you to understand that your dog is just a slave to these senses passed down through hundreds of years from his wolf ancestors. Don’t ever try to fight these genetic truths and you cannot beat Mother Nature but you can however work with your dog to assimilate his wolfish nature into your human world.

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