Dog Shot And Killed By An Ex Police; Proud Daughter Bashed


Dog Shot And Killed By An Ex Police; Proud Daughter Bashed

Dogs are used to be known as “Man’s best friend” but this quite contrary to what happened to a poor dog being shot and killed by an ex policeman.

A Facebook user named Rox Cecilio Lizardo posted on her Facebook account that her father (a former policeman) shot a neighbor’s dog. According to her the dog was shot and killed by her father because it was noisy. Some of her Facebook friend’s think that what her father did was cool and one commented “Thuglife” on the said post. Concerned citizens were able to grab a screenshot of her posts and shared on a Facebook group “Dog Lovers Philippines”.

Rox Cecilio Lizardo Post

In her tweets it appears Lizardo was proud and fearless about her father’s crime.

Roxie Lizardo Tweets

Lizardo received a lot of bashes from netizens until she recently realized her post went viral on the internet.

Roxie Lizardo Tweets

Meanwhile, a girl with a Facebook name Elaine Fermin posted that her 9-year old dog was being shot and killed by a person named Dominador Capispisan, also known as Ding, a former police, to be the suspect.

Elaine Fermin facebook post

Lizardo, however, asked for an apology about what her father did and had made all her social media accounts private.

Rox Cecilio Lizardo apologize


While other angry netizens seek justice for the innocent dog and exerted that the family should be accountable for their wrong doings.

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