30 Adorable Dogs Falling In Love With The Cute Babies


30 Adorable Dogs Falling In Love With The Cute Babies

There are perhaps many reasons for you to get a dog in your home but sometimes we find a dog that are gentle and child-friendly not just for being loyal. Though there are lots of loyal dog breeds to choose from but having  dogs and babies at home would probably be the precious things that could happen in your life. Take a look on this 30 adorable dogs falling in love with the cute babies and if they can say a words, here are what they are going to say

1. “How on earth this thing is so small but so loud?”

Dogs watching crying baby in a crib

2. “I think this thing likes me too. What you think?”

Dog licking baby's head

3. “Looks like it’s the strangest dog I’ve ever seen. But I love it!”

Dog keeping an eye to the baby

4. “This thing has no hair? I’ll keep it warm.”

Dog baby on bed

5. “You’re so pretty small, aren’t you?”

Dog baby playing with their noses

6. “Fall back! He’s mine now.”

Dog warming the sleeping baby

7. “No worries. I’ll keep an eye on things here.”

Dog guards the sleeping baby

8. “Thanks for the new sleeping-buddy!”

Infant sleeping with dog

9. “Maybe that bid should say ‘Dog Loves Me’ isn’t it?”

Dog mommy loves me

10. “I can handle this. Just take it from me.”

Dog caress sleeping infant

11. “Why this thing so tiny?”

Giant dog kissing tiny baby

12. “I think we have one thing in common.”

Dog baby sleeping together

13. “Common! Bring it closer so I can sniff it.”

Dog wants to smell the baby

14. “This must be the sweetest thing that I can do for you.”

Dog infant sleeping together

15. “Well, honestly.. I’m not sure what this is.”

Dog watching over a sleeping infant in a crib

16. “You can go. I’ll stay right here and look at it.”

Dog guards the sleeping infant

17. “I’m in love this human-like pillow.”

Dog sleeps on baby like a pillow

18. “I wonder when this thing plays with me.”

Dog waiting for the baby to wake up

19. “It’s kinda smells little funny but I don’t mind.”

Dog baby playing while laying down

20. “Don’t worry I don’t feel anything yet. I love it!”

Baby sleeping on a dog's foot

21. “You did a good job for bringing this thing home.”

Dog cuddles baby

22. “I got the two of them.”

Dog sleeping in between twin babies

23. “Do you want treats? I gonna get one for you.”

Dog caress crying baby

24. “I can hold my head up enough for the both of us, okay?”

Dog baby on couch

25. “I badly wanted to keep it.”

Dog fall asleep while watching the baby sleeping

26. “Hey you know that I’m little too. Just like you!”

Puppy watching a baby sleeping

27. “What are you looking at? He’s mine!”

Dog warmth the sleeping baby

28. “I may have one eye but I assure you I can look after this little creature right here.”

One eyed french bulldog watching over sleeping baby

29. “Is it ever going to get bigger? Answer me!”

Dog baby watching something

30. “It really feels like heaven right here.”

Dog baby sleeping under a blanket

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