Abused Half Face Pit Bull Due For Facial Restoration


Abused Half Face Pit Bull Due For Facial Restoration

Khaleesi, an estimated 2-year old pit bull mix was found abandoned with multiple injuries, undernourished and missing a large portion of her face, was rescued by Florida Rescue groups in hopes of making the adorable puppy’s life around for the better.

The heartbreaking story of the neglected dog draws attention to the rescuers pushing them to raise funds for the medical procedures she needs.


Abused pit bull

Stephanie Paquin, an author of Passion 4 Pits Rescue in Orlando, Florida, said that it took at least six months of surgery before they can issue an adoption. She added that their focus is to get her a nasal cavity because Khaleesi might be in danger of aspirating every time she eats and drinks something.

In an interview with ABC News, Paquin told that Khaleesi was reported to Orange Country Animal Services in Orlando, Florida on August 6 because she was being dumped in a stranger’s yard.

Paquin suspected that someone was systematically abusing and torturing the dog because of the damages of her legs, ribs and her nasal cavity.

Abused pit bull

Two days after Khaleesi’s rescue, she was taken to her foster home-based rescue group. Despite of having a half face that made her difficult to eat she gained 10 pounds in just nine days.

Dr. Kerri Slomcenski, owner of Hays Towne Veterinary Hospital in Hudson Florida, will be Khaleesi’s veterinarian for her upcoming medical procedures to give her a nasal opening and asses her injured knees, rib and spine.

Abused pit bull

Dr. Slomcenski said that Khaleesi has some real deep facial abnormalities and she’ll have to take some teeth that are abscessed because they are exposed. She added that she’ll be able to put the lips back together again.

Paquin said that Khaleesi’s demeanour is lovable as can be despite of her suspected extreme abuse and torture by humans. This sweet little girl is happy and seeks human attention – that quality of animals have to trust and love unconditionally is truly amazing.

Abused pit bull

Khaleesi’s surgery will begin in the next couple of weeks and her case is now under investigation by animal rescue officers. For donations please call Hays Towne Veterinary Hospital in Hudson, Florida, at (727) 378-9008 or you may send your donations through their website: http://haystowneveterinaryhospital.com/donations/.

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