History Of How Domesticated Dogs Became Domesticated


History Of How Domesticated Dogs Became Domesticated

There are many theories existed on how domesticated dogs became domesticated and integrated their selves into the daily life of humans. According to some archaeologists and historians that humans figured out and learned how to hunt following packs of dogs on previous centuries. Others said that dogs started hanging around with humans after they realized that humans they’re with provided them food, water and companionship. Those are just theories and nobody knows exactly how humans and dogs bonded initially but one thing is for sure, they are very bonded now.

wolf domesticated dogs ancestor

One thing we do know and based on the research is that today’s domesticated dogs evolved from the wolf. The earliest domesticated dogs, part of dog’s evolution, probably looked like a fox, jackal or feral dogs. Domesticated breeds of dogs nowadays are the result after thousands of years of controlled breeding by humans. However, we won’t interfere if every dog traces its genetic code back to the wolf. As relatives of wolf, every dog of all breeds has its certain behavior patterns and characteristics that date back to their ancestors in the world.

domesticated dogs came from wolf

Though domesticated dogs are fortunate enough of having a loving environment where hunting and scavenging unlikely to happen, they are also hunters and scavengers just like the wolves. Like their wolf ancestors, dogs are pack animals seeking out other dogs to get other dog’s protection, hunting partnerships and companionship. Furthermore, dogs are distinctly capable of distinguishing friends from enemies, a character trait they were much in need of when they are living in the wild.

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