Pregnant Dog Buried Alive Beneath Sidewalk, What Happens Next Will Amaze You


Pregnant Dog Buried Alive Beneath Sidewalk, What Happens Next Will Amaze You

A pregnant dog which was buried alive beneath a sidewalk in Russia was saved by kind-hearted man after hearing its barks.

According to Stephen Messenger, writer from The Dodo, that before the barking was heard, a team of city workers had been called out to go to a spot in Voronezh, Russia to patch a sinkhole at a section of the sidewalk. However, the workers somehow ended up entombing the dog.

Bricks of sidewalk in Russia

Few days after, the residents near on the said sidewalk started hearing dog barks, like it’s crying out for help. The barks and cries have bothered Vadim Rustam and his family, so they appealed to the city’s housing authority and seek for assistance. Unfortunately, they have been told that nothing could be done to help.

Rustam, however, cannot concede of hearing the poor animal’s cry. The kind-hearted man decided to took matters into his own hands, and started to pry up the bricks and digging through the sand beneath.

Vadim Rustam pry up the bricks to save dog

After a while, they found the dog luckily still alive despite spending more than 48 hours without water and food under the sidewalk. Sadly, according to report from Fox 2 from CNN wires, her puppies didn’t make it.

Pregnant dog buried alive rescued

While it remains unclear of how the dog ended up in such difficult situation, and whether she’d been buried alive intentionally or not, she has been so lucky to be alive today because of the actions Rustam took to save her.

The pregnant dog believed to have been a stray dog is now under the care of a local animal rescue group and is now doing well.

Pregnant dog in Russia was saved

Here is the video of the pregnant dog buried alive and rescued by the kind-hearted man.

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