This Poor Shelter Dog Crying Behind The Bars Will Break Your Heart


This Poor Shelter Dog Crying Behind The Bars Will Break Your Heart

Have you ever seen a crying dog? Yes, dog cries. Seeing a dog crying is heartbreaking, and you might be wondering for sure if what happened to the poor dog that led her to cry. This beautiful yet hopeless little dog is standing behind the bars looking at the camera and crying. She looks like she’s begging, she seems begging the camera man to let her out of the cage she’s in at the animal shelter. She’s currently located at the City of Portales Animal Shelter.

The volunteers and staffs from the shelter described the dog as loving and friendly but she was dragged into the list to be euthanized if she’s not adopted within two days. This poor animal want to live this happy life, she doesn’t want to die. She needs a forever home and a loving owner. The High Plains Humane Society is credited and will be there to take photos from the remaining pets yet to be adopted, to give them more chances to find their rightful owner. Photos of the dogs available for adoption will be published at Portales City Animal Shelter.

We know that there are good-hearted people out there like you willing to adopt and save this poor little dog. It’s your turn to save more dogs like this tearful one and give them a second chance to live their life to the fullest instead of getting euthanized. For dog adoption, please approach Portales Animal Control or give them a call at (575) 356-4404 available from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. Spread the news and save a dog.

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