This Stray German Shepherd Was Rescued And What Happens Next Changed Her Life


This Stray German Shepherd Was Rescued And What Happens Next Changed Her Life

We may hear a lot of sad and heartbreaking stories about animals everyday, specifically dogs, that are living on the streets in most times subjected to really tough situations that leave their physical and psychological health in danger. However, it is always inspiring and heartwarming to hear that some good people are always willing to make an effort to save an animal in need. They provide those miserable and hopeless animals a second chance to live their life somehow better. And because of these good-hearted people we certainly see the most inspiring and amazing transformation takes place and it proves that all dogs need a bit of kindness from humans for them to be able to reach their full potential.

The video below shows one of the incredible rescues led by Hope For Paws, in where they received a call about a stray German Shepherd sleeping on a canal side in Los Angeles.

Stray German Shepherd rescued

Hope For Paws rescuers quickly went to safeguard her. The waterways of the canal were miles long, yet it didn’t stop them to rescue her until they found the poor dog lying on the stinky ground without water and food. The German Shepherd dog was in a very terrible condition, obviously she hasn’t eaten for couple days and she was scared if there are strangers approaching to her. However, the rescuers were determined to save and make her trust them.

Stray German Shepherd rescued

Nobody knows how long she has been gone without food and it was heartbreaking to see how hungry she was. Fortunately, after a few treats and some pampering, the friendly dog trusted and went to the car with the rescuers. The dog now transformed completely after she was given the care she needed. They named her Adrienne, and she became such a happy and adorable outgoing girl. She lives with her foster family. Watch the heartwarming rescue through the video below and share it to your family and friends.

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