14 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own Shih Tzu Dogs


14 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own Shih Tzu Dogs

You probably own a Shih Tzu or you should never. Well I guess we know the reason why you own one but here are our 14 reasons why you shouldn’t own a Shih Tzu dog.

1. They are not small.

white shih tzu cute small
2. They don’t love attention.

cute shih tzu puppy love attention
3. They are not calm and relaxed animals.

beautiful shih tzu face relaxed calm
4. They are not bred solely for companionship.

cute shih tzu family companionship
5. They are not devoted and loyal pets.

cute shih tzue face eyes loyal pet
6. They hate to cuddle.

shih tzu love cuddle
7. They are not funny.

shih tzu snow photo funny
8. They are not highly adaptable.

playful shih tzu highly adaptable
9. They don’t need too much exercise.

resting shih tzu no exercise
10. They hate napping.

sleeping shih tzu funny napping
11. They don’t like playing.

shih tzu fetch like playing
12. They ruin all of your happy moments.

shih tzu watching photo happy
13. They won’t ever love you.

playful shih tzu photo love
14. Now who’d love a dog like this?

cute beautiful shih tzu photo love

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